• You're wasting way too much time writing sales pages, blog posts, and more for your biz and not spending nearly enough time doing the work you actually love?
  • You don't have enough time to do it all in your biz, so the copy and content gets put on the back burner?
  • Your messaging isn’t resonating with your audience the way you know it should be and you can't seem to pinpoint your brand voice



The right copy leads to MORE SALES (without all the sleaze on your end.)
Sure, you can do it on your own, but wouldn't your time be better spent making sales, creating your next product or working with clients? 

A great copywriter (*hint: that’s me, girl!) will help you pull your ideas out of your head and use word magic to turn them into golden nuggets of client-attracting wisdom.
Stellar copywriting is that KNOCKOUT punch you need to win over your people and create real connections.

More importantly, hiring a copywriter will save you enormous amounts of time. You're a serious biz owner, you're making great money and you know you can do so much more.

But you can't get there ALONE. Working with a copywriter will save you countless hours and help you increase your conversion rates. It's a WIN-WIN, friend! 

Spend more time doing what you truly love to do in your business?

Start outsourcing your writing to someone who gets your brand and can write in your voice?

Concentrate on making money and not worry about writing your next sales page?

Resonate on such a deep level with your audience that they’re jumpin’ out of their seats to work with you?

Do all that and more while getting more conversions and having a stronger brand?


I'm a copywriter and blog content strategist for female entrepreneurs who are killing it in their online biz but feel overwhelmed and don't have enough time to do it all. I help service-based lady biz owners stop wasting time writing copy and freeing up their time to work on what they love doing in their biz. And actually focus on making more money, creating more services, and just feeling less stressed overall.

I do all of that while also helping them increase conversions rates, get clear on their messaging, and making their brand and their voice sound like them (even though I'm the one writing it.) I want to work with passionate women who are ready to take their biz to the next level and start to outsource like a pro. 

My copywriting services are for:

  • The solopreneur who is ready to take their biz to the next level and see some growth.
  • The confident biz owner who is ready to start outsourcing the not-so-fun work to someone who can do it better (just being honest, here.)
  • Service-based and product-based biz owners alike who feel stuck writing copy and are ready to invest.


They're not for:

  • Biz owners who already feel confident about their messaging.
  • Solopreneurs who don’t want to grow and outsource.
  • Entrepreneurs who would rather tough it out on their own than spend the money to bring in the help they need.



Start by filling out the form below & give me some details on what you need and how I can help. This helps me make sure that we're the right fit!
After you fill out the form, I'll set up a call to go over everything. Then I'll send you the link to book my services + make your payment - then you’re in! Let's get this party started!
We’ll have a 30-60 min intro call to let me cozy up to your biz. I'll get to know your brand and voice by diving deep into your content, watching your videos, stalking your social media and reading your content.
I'll get started typing away and you spend that precious time working on things you love doing in your biz. Take control of your schedule and be the CEO you are meant to be.
We can go through up to 2 rounds of revisions. You'll give me verbal feedback in a voice note so you don't have to waste time writing it out (that's my job remember!) We'll fine-tune and refine that copy so it's perfect.
Pop the champagne, it's time to celebrate! Your copy’s all done and delivered! I'll stick around if you need any edits or tweaks the week after the copy goes live on your website.



  • Full website (3 pages) copy: Starting at $1297
  • Sales page copy: $697
  • Landing page copy: $397
  • Copy/website review: $197
  • About me page copy: $397
  • Email Funnel: Starting at $77 per email 
  • Please note: Prices vary per project. Get in touch to learn more!



"I worked with Melanie to rewrite my about page–the one piece of my website that continued to be a struggle and frustration. And I'm so glad I made the investment! I loved the fresh perspective she brought to the project, as well as her willingness to edit and tweak to make sure the new copy was entirely me." -Callie Gisler www.calliegisler.com


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"I have a great new blog post thanks to Melanie and CopyRefresh!  The process was easy.  She came to our interview prepared with good ideas and quickly produced a blog post that was 99.9% ready to publish.  She also created social media posts to match.  This allowed me to focus on other priorities.  Thank you, Melanie!." - Amy Rasdal www.billablewithbaby.com


"I worked with Melanie on a Content Strategy Session. I am so glad I invested in this! Melanie and I had a 60-minute call after I filled out a short workbook about my business. On the call, we chatted about my business and blog goals. After our session, she created a 3-month blog content calendar that even included some SEO keywords. In addition for each blog topic, she gave me a brief description of what could be included. Now, even if I choose to do a different blog topic than she suggested that week, I have peace of mind on my content for a few months. She is a gem to work with." - Beth Johnston www.bethsbeautifulgetaways.com



Do you charge per word?
No. My services are either charged for the full package or by the hour. This helps assure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

Are there payment plans?
Yes! You have the option to either pay the full amount upfront or split it up into 2 payments of 50%. One payment will be at the beginning of the project and the 2nd will be upon completion.

How long does each project usually last?
That all depends on how much copywriting you need done. Typically projects range from 2-4 weeks.

Do I own the copy when it’s all said and done?
Yes. You have the rights to all “intellectual property” so you can use it as you wish. No one has to know you didn’t write it yourself, it can be our little secret.

How do I know if your writing will “sound” like me?
Great question! I go to the ends of the earth for my clients and I do all I can to make sure my writing really sounds like you. I'll look at your current content, watch your videos and stalk you on social media to make sure my writing sounds just like yours.

What is your availability?
You're in luck, I'm currently booking new clients! I typically take on 3-4 clients every month to make sure I have enough time to dedicate to each and everyone. I want to deliver as much value as possible and I’m a big believer of quality over quantity.