How Online Biz Owners Create Successful Content Strategies

Learn the best tips from well-known entrepreneurs on creating a content strategy. Plus get the free workbook!

Have you ever sat at your computer oggling over the other super-successful and talented peeps that are killing it on the interwebs lately? You look at their social media, their blog, their website and everything is fancy-shmancy and they seem to be doing it all.

I’ve been there too. We all get a little biz envy sometimes, right? (Please say it’s not just me!)

It feels like everyone else has their sh*t together and you’re over here trying to figure out what hashtags to use on Instagram. Am I right?

I know I am, but here’s the deal sister. Those seemingly successful people you look up to have been in your same spot before. They’re just a little further ahead on their journey, that’s all.

Luckily, they figured out what it took to create a successful content strategy for their blog and biz. And the good news is that most of them are willing to share those secrets with you!

I reached out to some awesome biz owners who are crushin’ it with their online content strategy to see what their best tips were. And boy, did they share some juicy nuggets of wisdom.

I’m passing all that juicy-goodness on to you, my friend! Here are what 11 entrepreneurs had to say was their #1 tip for creating a successful content strategy.

Look ’em over and take the bits and pieces that resonate with you and start implementing them today. Trust me, if it’s working for them it will work for you!

Kelsey Baldwin of Paper + Oats

“Plan out your blog content to coordinate with products or services you’re promoting. If you know you’ll be launching a product all about gardening, for example, plan out your blog content in the weeks (and even months) before that to be centered around topics that will relate to gardening. This preps your audience for what’s to come, helps build their trust with you, and provides lots of free value before you ever ask them to get out their wallets.”

Reina Pomeroy of Reina + Co

“My best tip is to figure out your verticals. What I mean by that is, what are the 1-3 things you want to be known for, boiled down into 1-3 concepts. If somebody was to say “Carrie does ____” it’s not going to be your elevator pitch. It’s probably something like, “Carrie is great at copywriting and visibility. Once you know what your “verticals” are, you should figure out what you have to say in that space that’s different than what other people are saying. Take up a controversial opinion or find something to get on a soapbox about. When creating content, products, offers, stay within these verticals.”

P.S. Reina just published a juicy blog post all about those verticals. Check it out here.

Allison Lindstrom from

“Think about the yellow brick road from the Wizard of Oz when you’re building your content strategy (I’m from Kansas so just excuse my crazy example here for a second). What’s the end goal? What would you like your readers to learn and what would you like to sell to help them in their educational process?
For example, let’s say I’m a food blogger and I want my readers to learn how to cook on a budget. I’ve also created an online course to help them master meal planning with my budget-friendly recipes.

While planning my content, I’ll think of what I’d like for them to accomplish and work backwards from there. Every single piece of content will help inspire and teach them how to get to the end of their yellow brick road (cooking on a budget) while also preparing and encouraging them to take their meal planning to the next level and purchase the product I’ve created. Every action in your content creation should connect and work together seamlessly.”

Whitney Ryan of

“When a chef sets out to create a delicious meal, he first needs to define what “delicious” means for his diners. A raw vegan and a BBQ-lover with a heavy Slim Jim habit are going to have completely different definitions of what tastes good. It’s the same concept with your blog.

Before you write a single word, before you brainstorm a single topic idea, you have to get clear on one thing: the person who will be reading your blog.

The goal of your blog is to connect with a living, breathing person, yes? Whether you’re here to educate, inspire, or simply entertain, you want to make an impression and add something of value to a reader’s life.

So before you can serve up that proverbial “value,” you need to know who’s going to be eating…err, reading it.

I like to use Asana to map out my ideal audience member. You want one place where you can record all your thoughts on what your reader likes, what they struggle with, what they’re looking for, what their life looks like, etc.. Once you’re clear on who you’re talking to, you can start dreaming up a tasty content strategy that will appeal to them AND help you reach your bigger biz goals.”

Ashley Beaudin of

“Be consistent in messaging and in visibility. Know your signature message inside out and the themes that support your signature message. Use those to create your content and be consistent in speaking and serving in those topics. On the same note, stick to a posting schedule that works for you whether that be once a week or once a month and build trust with your audience. “

Sarah Scriven from Creative and Coffee

“The most important thing to have in mind when creating content for your blog is this: how does this further my goal? Each piece of your content should be building to a complete whole, the purpose of which is to further your blog’s current goals.

For every piece of content you create, whether it is blog posts, social media or video, you should ask the same question. Consider how this piece of content will benefit your audience, of course, but also consider how it will move them through the customer journey and to your desired outcome. Whether that be buying a product, clicking an affiliate link or some other final goal you have created.

Every piece of content should have a purpose.

Courtney Johnston of The Rule Breakers Club


“I know this is the last thing anyone wants to hear, but the best content strategy is simply to be consistent. Come up with a mega list of questions from your audience by paying attention to their comments, emails, etc and then spend a day batching a few posts so you can get ahead. Every piece of content you create should be answering your audience’s questions, which makes it easier!”

Nevica Vazquez, Business Strategist at

“When creating my content strategy I always like to think about creating a series of posts that will nurture my audience and lead to the pitch and sale of a product or service. For example if I had a course on list building that I wanted to sell I would create a series of post all about list building. Ex Posts: What list building is, Why list building is more important than social media followers, How to build your list etc. A great formula for creating a well written series is the AIDA formula which stands for Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action. You can google that to find out more about it but you would write a blog post for each letter! Each posts would be connected to a content upgrade about list building, and then into an email sales funnel. When you approach your content strategy this way you know that your posts are valuable and will lead to a sale!”

Kayla Hollatz from

“The best tip for a winning content strategy is setting up a content calendar that helps you create and publish content consistently. It acts as your personal accountability system, helping you organize and schedule your content ideas in advance for better content creation. With producing quality content, consistent publishing is crucial.”

Christina Ochoa, Founder of The Social Butterfly Gal


“One thing that helps me the most is studying my Google Analytics to see what posts have been popular and successful with my audience. A huge mistake I was making with my content in previous years ​was I was writing TOO MUCH. I used to do at most 12 post per month and I was feeling burned out and not creating valuable content. When I started to be strategic, I decided to pull back a lot and only write 4 blogs per month. This helped me produce valuable content that I could also repurpose into a video or newsletter. I also think about the problems my audience/ potential clients face and find ways I can help solve them but also build trust once they read my content. Since this year, my blog traffic has doubled because of being strategic.”

Abby Herman from

“When creating a content strategy, don’t think about each piece in isolation. A true content strategy incorporates all content streams–from your blog to your nurturing emails to your videos to your launches and so on. If your blog is your cornerstone content piece, create your video outlines and nurturing emails at the same time you’re writing your blog. It’s much more efficient, you’ll provide more value and you’re much less likely to repeat content across different platforms (because you should be offering new value everywhere you connect with your audience). “

There you have it boys and girls! So much great advice from stellar people in one place.

Don’t just let this information sit with you, actually use it! My challenge to you is to take 1-3 things that you learned from these experts and apply them to your own content strategy. Some of them aren’t even that hard to do.

Be sure to download my content strategy workbook below to help you set up your content strategy so that it’s a well-oiled machine bringing you steady traffic and clients. Trust me, it will help you get you sh*t act together. 

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Learn the best tips from well-known entrepreneurs on creating a content strategy. Plus get the free workbook!
Learn the best tips from well-known entrepreneurs on creating a content strategy. Plus get the free workbook!

Download the FREE worksheet!

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3 thoughts on “How Online Biz Owners Create Successful Content Strategies

  1. Whitney Ryan Reply

    Melanie!! This is such an awesome post! I’m honored to be in such epic copy company!

    I love how with a straightforward question, we all have our different perspectives. I was furiously nodding my head as I read every single suggestion — they’re all such great points!

    Just goes to show, there are so many things to consider when you start your content marketing journey. And that there are also so many ways you can succeed — just pick a tip and build your strategy from there!

  2. Jessie Ford Coots Reply

    Love this post — packed full of juicy and helpful tips! I’m especially drawn to what Whitney was saying, regarding knowing your audience. Rather than focusing on a generic topic for a broad audience, it’s so important to get really specific and know not only what you’re creating content around, but for who. Thanks for this important perspective!

    • Melanie Kernodle Post authorReply

      Thanks, Jessie! Glad you found it helpful! Yes, it’s so important to think about creating specific content for a specific audience! Always think about who you’re creating your content for and let that guide you. 🙂


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