Hi, I'm Melanie

I'm a professional copywriter for female service-based entrepreneurs who want to create more time freedom in their business and generate more sales (win-win!). I create inspiring and engaging copy to take your brand to the next level.

 You're a coach, online entrepreneur or small business owner.

You know your content and copy are important but you just don’t have enough time to run your business and create content.

That’s where I come in.  I am passionate about writing epic copy that gets your audience connected and excited about what you have to offer.

I write about a lot of topics, but I specialize in personal development, inspiration, wellness, travel, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle.

I truly believe in the power of having awesome copy and leveraging it to attract your ideal customers.

If you're ready to refresh your copy and get more clients, check out my services and see how we can work together.

More Fun Tidbits About Me

I love calligraphy and hand lettering. You can see my work and learn some of my tips and tricks from my personal blog Light Hearted Lettering.

I lived in Paris, France for 2+ years! It was a fun (and challenging) experience that ultimately led me down that path that I'm on now. And now I can speak French almost fluently! So I like to think of myself as a somewhat cultured lady. 

I am more of a tea drinker but also love the occasional coffee or latte.

My favorite food is most definitely, tacos. But I'm a vegan, so no meat or cheese, please. 🙂 

Anything to do with self-help or personal growth really gets me excited and fired up. Tony Robbins is my fave.

Last but not least, I love inspiring and encouraging others to live their most amazing life ever.