Your time is valuable.

Wasting it on trying to find the right words to create authentic relationships with your audience isn't in your schedule. You need someone who can master the words and showcase your unique brand.

Creative. Engaging. Refreshing.

Upgrade Your Content

You won’t find any stale, boring copy here. A creative and friendly writing style will make your copy click with your audience.

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Not seeing enough interaction from potential clients? Let's create content designed to engage and encourage them to join the conversation.

Reduce Your Stress

Leverage your content to do the heavy lifting for you. Your content will generate sales for you, so sit back and enjoy your coffee.

Hey there. I'm Melanie.

I'm the Chief Content Strategist and Copywriter around these parts. I help passionate female entrepreneurs create content that attracts their ideal clients. If you're tired of lame, boring copy and sick of feeling overwhlemed when it comes to content creation, I've got you covered girlfriend. Together we can create content that makes your clients swoon and gets results!

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Do You Need a Copywriter for Your Small Business?

As a small business, you probably have a website. You’ve got all your ducks in a row. The website is lookin’ as good as Ryan Reynolds with his shirt off. A thing of pure beauty. But you know what is even more important than that smokin’ hot website? It’s the word’s on your website.



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"I worked with Melanie to rewrite my about page–the one piece of my website that continued to be a struggle and frustration. And I'm so glad I made the investment! I loved the fresh perspective she brought to the project, as well as her willingness to edit and tweak to make sure the new copy was entirely me." -Callie Gisler

"I loved working with Melanie and hope to continue having her as a writer with various projects. The article she produced was of exceptional quality. It went above my expectations and it was a breeze communicating with her." - Alex Shi


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