You’re not a “typical” entrepreneur.

Your business is based on your soul’s deeper calling of helping spread light and love in this world. And you’re ready to show up and get visible.

Good thing I’m not your “typical” copywriter 😉

I help passionate and spiritual coaches and entrepreneurs get insanely clear on their brand message so they can share their gifts with the world and help raise the vibration of our planet.   We both know you’re meant for big things, you’ve followed your intuition on this crazy journey and there’s no stopping you now.   

Together, we will get in touch with your deeper purpose, create laser-sharp clarity around your brand messaging, and define the language you need to create an authentic and soulful brand that resonates with your ideal dream clients. 

Creative. Engaging. Refreshing.

Clarify Your Message

No vague or confusing language here. I'll help you craft a message that is clear and empowering and resonates with your dream clients on a deeper level. 

Attract Your Tribe

Feeling like you know your people are out there but they aren't showing up in your business yet? Let's infuse your message with energy and the right vibes to resonate with your tribe and call them in. 

Increase Your Abundance

Your copy and message should help you grow your business and your reach. And naturally, it will help abundance (AKA sales) flow into your business in a powerful way. 

Hey there! I'm Melanie. I'm a Spiritual Copywriter and Messaging Strategist for soulful female entrepreneurs. I help passionate female entrepreneurs create high vibe copy to attract more clients, success, and abundance.

If you're tired of lame, boring copy and writing that just doesn't get the spiritual aspect of your business, you've come to the right place (thanks, Universe!). I work to infuse every word with love, positive energy, and high vibes


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"I worked with Melanie to rewrite my about page–the one piece of my website that continued to be a struggle and frustration. And I'm so glad I made the investment! I loved the fresh perspective she brought to the project, as well as her willingness to edit and tweak to make sure the new copy was entirely me." -Callie Gisler

"Melanie has been my "go to" copywriter for all of my new offerings. She has a gift of transforming good copy, into GREAT copy. She's great to work with and very reliable. When she's done with a web page, I always love it (and clearly, so do my customers)." - Leesa Klich,

"The sales page copy is amazing! And we got 7% conversion rate during the launch period, in which I think the sales page copy played a huge part in the success." - Kathy Wiehanne,

"Melanie made me feel so comfortable in sharing my story
and helped me to focus on the steps I needed to do in order to begin branding myself." - Sharon Harvey

“I loved talking with Melanie. She has such a calm, insightful demeanor and she really made me feel heard and addressed my concerns. She helped me to think of fresh ideas for moving my business forward.” - Haylee Chugerman,


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